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Design At Home

I mentioned in a previous entry how I had used a web site builder package that my hosting company had. You simply build a web page by choosing a template and entering data. You do this through accessing the package using your web browser. It's all done online.
The advantage of this system is that it is quick and easy. You do not have to know anything about html or ftp. The disadvantage is that it reduces your flexibility.
HINT: I found that most people who build websites do not do this.
So, the question I started asking was exactly how do people do this?
The traditional approach is to use a text editor or html editor and enter html tags as you enter your data. For the beginner, this is daunting. With a little bit of study and experience, it can be done. Lots of people do it this way.

Is there an easier way?


Website Builder

Not knowing exactly what to do, I purchased a package from Go Daddy that included hosting and software called Website Tonite. The software allows you to create web pages by entering text. The software creates a html page.
Would I use the Go Daddy package again? No. But it was good for where I was at the particular time. I really lacked the confidence in my ability to build a web page. If you read on further episodes of this web diary, you will discover better ways of doing this.
Many web hosts offer website building software. They really are quite good if all you need is a simple page. The advantage is that you can put a page up very quickly. The software offers you a selection of templates. You choose one you like. Then all you have to do is type in your text. The software then loads your page on the server. You have a working website!


What Do I Need For An Online Business?

Everyone can have a website! It is fairly easy for you to have a presence online.
- You do not need any technical knowledge.
- It is easy to do.
- It is very affordable

Everything you need is just a few clicks away. All at prices that will surprise you.

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