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Christmas in Lockdown

Christmas in lockdown is a very different experience. Being in lockdown means not having free movement. It means not seeing people who are important to you

Why so long between YouTube videos?

Why did it take so long to upload another video to YouTube?

Well. There is a learning curve to starting a channel on YouTube. And, yes. There are other things in life.

This is not the video that took so long. It's the episode where i talk about it. I think this is something that faces every YouTube creator.


In a world of social distancing, we need to connect.

What Do I Need For An Online Business?

Everyone can have a website! It is fairly easy for you to have a presence online.
- You do not need any technical knowledge.
- It is easy to do.
- It is very affordable

Everything you need is just a few clicks away. All at prices that will surprise you.

Step 1 Get a domain name - A domain name is simply the name your website is known by. For example, this website is known as You can use our domain name search function in our domain name shop to see if your name is available. We have some of the lowest prices. Visit our domain name shop page to secure a domain name for your website.

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