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There are many hosting companies competing for your business. There are also many people who are unhappy with hosting services they have tried.
So how do you find a good host?
Our advice - do not be guided by price alone, nor make a decision based solely on their website. Look for hosts that have a decent reputation.
Choose the best host for your needs. Most web sites use well under 1GB in disk space, and less than 10GB of bandwith per month. A site with a good volume of traffic would likely use around 20GB of bandwith. You do need a big hosting plan when you are starting, but it's good to choose a host that has expansion options for you to grow.

Recommendation 1 - for business grade
LGJet is hosted on business grade servers. It costs more than basic shared hosting, but we decided that reliability is very important to us and our visitors.


How to Choose A Web Host

How do you choose a hosting provider when there are thousands of hosting companies? Important factors in selecting a web host include:

1. Reliability
You want your website to be seen, so you need a web hosting service that offers a high percentage of server uptime. This means that people seeking your website will get to see your pages nearly all the time. 99% uptime is the standard for server uptime, 65% is unacceptable. The more downtime of a server, the less time your web site will be available to see.

2 Disk Space
You need to ensure that there is enough disk space available on the web hosting server for you to do what you need. Most sites require very little space when they fist start, so this is not usually an issue to begin with. However, you will continue to add content over time. Make sure that your hosting provider can offer the space to grow, either within your existing plan, or by upgrading to a higher plan.

3 Bandwith

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