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Cheap is Not Always Cheap

You often see advertisements for really cheap domain name prices. But there is always a catch.
Almost always, the special price is only for the first year.
The idea is an old advertising trick. Put a big discount on the first year price. make the profit on the next year.
The price for year 2 is always higher than the special offer.
The tactic is about capturing market share. Those who offer really cheap domains are prepared to lose money on the first year to get you as a customer.
In some countries, selling below cost to gain market share is considered an unfair trade practice, particularly if you are a dominant player in the market.
It is also disadvantageous to the consumer. You get hooked in by the cheap price for the first year, and then find that deal does not last. Over time the consumer often ends up paying more,


Why Register a Domain Name Now?

I missed out on a perfect domain name for my business because I waited too long. I had the idea, but I did not follow through. Please do not make this mistake. If you are serious about doing business on the web you need a domain name. Register your name today. (Hint: Go to our domain name shop page whilst you are thinking about it.)
Don't delay. Thousands of domain names are registered every month. The longer you wait, the less likely your preferred names will be available.


Domain Name Prices Now Good Value

Prices for domain names at our domain shop represent great value.
A survey of domain name providers in the .au register (Australia) showed LGJet to be one of the most competitive sites to register a domain name.
We are pleased with that result. But we will not stop there.
The decision on where to register your domain name should not be based entirely on price. You also want to use a service that is reliable. LGJet has all that you need. We utilise secure servers. We provide good back up. And we are competitive.
Moreover, LGJet allows you to set up and manage domain names in many international registries. This is important for protecting your brand name around the world. Visit our domain name shop page and compare the value of our recommended services.
If you do a search, you will find an incredible variance in the price of domain names.

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