Learning FTP

So after learning how to build a web page, the next trick to learn is how to put that page up as a website that other people can view. It is actually easier than you might think. If you can use a web browser, you can FTP. What is FTP? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the standard protocol for transferring data to and from a web server.
You do not need to know how it works. If I told you that it works using the TCP/IP protocols that make the internet work, you might have some clue. But unless you study computer programming, it probably will not mean that much.
You simply need to use some FTP software - that is all you need to FTP.
Some software used to design web pages include an FTP function. For other people you can simply acquire some FTP software. There are a lot of FTP programs available for purchase and they all work fairly well. You can even find some great FTP programs for free.
This is a well known open source and freely available FTP software - Filezilla. It works and the price is unbeatable - thanks to the generous people involved in this project who made the effort to really understand what FTP is and share their work.
The important things to learn is that you transfer your newly created web page to the public html folder on your web server. You will need to use the user name and password your web host gave to you to allow your FTP software to make the connection.
If this is the very first web page you are putting up, you will need to name that first page index.html. This is the standard name for the first page of any website.
(Make sure your domain name is pointing to the correct server - which you probably did when you set up your web hosting account.)
You and all other users should now be able to view your web page.
I felt pretty good when I had that first page up. The page was not pretty. But the achievement of having put it all together was good.