My First Step

My first web page was an exciting moment. It was not a great web page by any means, but it was exciting because I made it. It was a first for me.
When you sign up to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) for email and web access, you often receive a small amount of server space to use for a personal page. I used it. My ISP offered some software that would build a basic page using a template system. I did not have to know anything about coding.
I would be embarrassed if you saw my first effort. But I am very glad I made that start. I began to learn about websites. Looking at what I did wrong, I searched on how to improve.
If your ISP offers some free web space, this might be a good place for you to experiment.
Web hosting is so inexpensive these days, you can even afford to do your experimentation in a full hosting account. Watch here for some recommended hosts.