LG Jet version one

My third step was the first build of LG Jet.
I had felt there was a need for a site like LG Jet. I was sure there were lots of people looking for the same information I had searched. I decided to share some of my experiences in the hope that this will help you.
So you can see that LG Jet has an aim - to share experience.
You can also see that LG Jet is unique - it is sharing my own experience.
I am emphasising these two points to you, because I believe they are essential to building successful websites - that is, a clear aim and some unique content.
I also know the audience for LG Jet is people who have had less experience than I have and who want to learn what I did. I am not pretending to know everything. I do know where I have been. I know some of my failings and successes.
There is a plan for LG Jet. It's not a perfect plan. The plan is changing and evolving. I would suggest that every website needs a plan that sets out a direction and a purpose. It makes it a lot easier to develop the site.